Company Policy

This policy sets forth the commitment of Danica Seafood Ltd. staff on the quality of the company´s services, and for its services to always meet customers expectations. The staff is mindful that quality is an ongoing quest and an active, dynamic process that needs particular attention. Professionalism is the key to success, which is why this company policy has been formulated. The policy´s impementation is important for assuring Danica´s seafood staff and clients about our focus on quality. The Board of Directors of Danica seafood Ltd. has approved this policy and supports its impementation. Danica Seafood Ltd. aims for the company´s services to always meet customer and staff requirements and expectations for professionalism. In order to maintain their natural qualities, Danica´s seafood products do not contain additives of any sort, the staff place their pride in combining wholesomeness, freshness, originality and profitability throughout the entire production cycle.